Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bogalay Hit Hard / New NGOs Added to List

From CNN:

The destruction of Myanmar's deadly cyclone spared few.

The evidence was everywhere in Bogalay Tuesday -- the estimated 240 km/hr (150mph) winds spared only four of the 369 homes in a village here.

The storm, Myanmar state media estimate more than 22,000 are dead and 41,000 missing, left few and little in the township untouched. Many have been left with nothing.

Almost half of the total death toll could have come from Bogalay, according to an estimate by China's state run news agency Xinhua.

Victims' bodies were being dropped into the area's rivers on Tuesday.

Survivors sat in roofless homes, parasols their only protection from the rain that continued to fall...

Also, two more relief organizations, AmeriCares and Save the Children, have been added to the NGO list in the right column...

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