Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Myanmar Photos

A tremendous slideshow here - photos were apparently taken in the immediate aftermath of the cyclone show the level of devastation.


freelance journalist said...

i'm khairul ikhwan, volunteer for KKSP in Medan, Indonesia.
i need information how to go to the disaster area in myanmar?
is that save for us now?

me and about 5 person from jakarta will go there.

please, give us information

Richard Blair said...

Please contact the UNICEF office in Bangkok. I am sure that you will need sponsorship from an approved NGO that's already working in Myanmar. Here's the contact information:

19 Phra Atit Road
Chanasongkram, Phra Nakorn
Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Phone: Country code 66
City code 2



Richard Blair said...

Also, here's contact information for the ICRC in Bangkok:

Tel: (66) (2) 2564037 / 2564038
Fax: (66) (2) 2553064
E-Mail: wmaster@redcross.or.th
Web: http://www.redcross.or.th